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N Command was founded in Wheat Ridge, Colorado in 1997 by professional firefighters with a passion for contributing to and improving the fire service industry. Over the years, we at N Command have been fortunate enough to expand our operations and now offer services in Computer Information Systems and Financial Services as well as all aspects of the Fire and Emergency Services. In 1999 we took a great leap of faith and relocated to the beautiful Gulf Coast community of Gulf Breeze, Florida. We are thankful and fortunate that our clients from other parts of the United States have remained loyal. We feel this is, in part, because of the quality of our work. More than likely though, it is because of our interest and relationship with each client we work with.

Learning the ins and outs and "peculiarities" of a new community has been quite a challenge! However, meeting all the wonderful people with insight into the services that we promote has been our reward.

N Command has operated with an understanding that customer service is the reason our clients continue their long-term relationship with us year after year. Our philosophy of "getting it right" the first time and exceeding expectations time after time is a priority. When we agree to work with a client, our expectation is that our client wants us to work with them while understanding that we cannot succeed unless the client agrees to work with us in providing the solutions necessary to their individual situation.

Businesses are in a constant cycle of change. Through experience, we have learned that improved performance requires an investment in personnel, systems and support. However, the investment doesn't usually require additional resources, but rather the redeployment of talents, resources and energy already present. How well an organization's personnel are able to adapt to change has a direct impact on a business's success. We face this challenge on a daily basis and can provide tools to make difficult transitions run smoothly.

We have a passion for our clients!

This principle encompasses every aspect of our business practice and we are committed to our clients and their futures. It is important that our clients understand that we will strive to provide them with a product that mirrors their values while introducing state-of-the-art solutions to their needs. This takes not only a commitment on N Command's part, but that of the client as well. We expect that each of our clients will provide whatever resources necessary to research, develop and install the needed solutions within their organization.

We are a team!

As we begin working on strategic and effective solutions to meet a client's goals, we begin a journey together. No one knows better than our client about their organization's strengths and weaknesses. We consult with all available personnel to formulate a clear impression of our client's organizational structure. We meld our strengths, skills, and talents with the client's organization to achieve expected goals. There are no limits to what we can achieve together!

We strive for continued self improvement!

We are highly trained, exceptionally motivated, and harder working than many of our competitors. Demands and expectations are high, and as a result, not everyone can become a member of the N Command team. We see every challenge as an opportunity to develop our skills. We take pride in our work ethic, in what we can accomplish, and reward those who achieve success. It is important to realize that our goals are achieved through a network of team players. We pursue personal growth and encourage it in our staff and others.

We require constant innovation!

We are never satisfied with the status quo. While our current procedures may still be valid, we strive to seek out the latest tools and techniques to better serve our clients. We take pride in our practices which will continue to set industry standards today, and for future generations.

We demand integrity!

Integrity and the highest ethical standards are the essence of our business. All members of our staff work hard to provide the greatest service to our client and our client's organization. While we may be awarded praise for our contributions, this recognition pales in comparison to our belief that the best we can provide our clients and ourselves can only be accomplished through integrity and accountability. If we accomplish this individually, we can succeed in any endeavor we undertake.

Let us work with you to help your organization reach its highest potential!

Remember, every day counts,
so start building toward your goals today!
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