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Cold Fusion

If you want to expand your web site's functionality beyond that of simply providing information and allowing interaction through e-mail and basic forms, a database program combined with a programming language is an ideal choice.

N Command primarily develops using Cold Fusion and Microsoft Access. Cold Fusion is a programming language that is used for database connectivity to the web. Microsoft Access is a widely used and extremely popular database program. By combining the two software programs, you will be able to focus exclusively on your organization's most strategic asset -- its "collected" business information. [If you have stacks of paperwork on your desk or various computer files saved here and there, you are not doing a good job of "collecting" information on which to track your clients' needs.] A database allows one medium through which you can collect, store, analyze, and retrieve information for competitive advantage.

N Command can provide the necessary expertise -- from the very basic to the extremely complex, dynamic site. The end result will be documented data on which to base your facts. You'll own the competitive advantage!

Contact us today to find out how N Command can help your organization move to the Web, successfully!!
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