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Computer Information Systems

Today, computer systems and programs change so rapidly that information systems technology is making quantum leaps. The business world has never experienced such expansion and contraction. Because of these changes, N Command's Computer Information Systems division provides services in web page design, cold fusion programming, graphics, streaming media, and database design and management.

The cold-fusion programming language allows the business owner to utilize the marketing abilities of the internet partnered with database capabilities previously available only through database management programs. This platform enhances the business' outreach to the marketplace while providing needed information or factual data to make decisions which will impact future business operations.

Database design fits hand in hand with cold-fusion programming. Not only can N Command design the database to match your specific needs, it can develop the medium to utilize the database in a real world application. This makes it possible to "get the data out" when you need to. Databases can do so much more than just hold data. They can provide you, the business owner, the tools to make decisions, move operations, or provide your clients with the best services available at a reasonable cost.

Web pages are today's portal to the marketplace. With changes in society, the world marketplace, the ability to travel between cities, states, and countries via the internet, a business' marketing presence can be felt hundreds or tens of thousands of miles away. Web pages make it possible to get your idea, product or service in front of potential clients and customers. For the cost, web pages are one of the most innovative and cost effective solutions short of having a sales representative visit the client personally.

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